Nic Solutions is a full service, ornamental metal designer, fabricator and installer that has the technical expertise and the experience to make sure that your project starts out on the right track and stays there. We make sure that our in house detailers know what the mission is. We make suggestions that preserve the Architects design intent and at the same time make the fabrication and installation process faster and easier. It all comes together when we coordinate our scope with the other trades.

We start with the end in mind because we know that a well planned and coordinated project is the secret to success. We make sure that every member of the team knows the schedule, and if at any time during the project a problem occurs, we immediately step in to resolve it. We're not done until your project is successfully handed to the owner.

We hope you keep us in mind for your next project.

Whether you're looking for Architectural Metals to be furnished and installed or simply furnished, we are here to help you.